Our Mission

  • We strive to provide the best science possible through careful collection, documentation, and processing of field data.
  • We will provide our clients and lead agencies with readable, scientifically relevant Cultural Resource reports.
  • We will be sensitive to the needs of the client, lead agencies, and to the Native American community while upholding all local, state, and federal laws.
  • Our goal is to protect and preserve cultural resources and to provide liaison between all parties.
  • Our standard will be to provide our employees with the best work environment, knowledge, and resources possible.


We pride ourselves on being one of the only firms in Southern California qualified for both archaeology and paleontology.


ArchaeoPaleo is proud to offer a diverse range of cultural, paleontological, and geologic services:


  • Literature Reviews, Records Search, and Archival Research
  • Laboratory Analysis and curation preparation
  • Native American Consult
  • Section 106, Agency and SHPO Consultation
  • NEPA, CEQA, NRHP consultation
  • TS/MND/EIR/EIS and other technical reports
  • Memoranda of Agreement (MOA)
  • Findings of Effects (FOE)
  • Mitigation Plans
  • Treatment Plans
  • Phase I Survey and Assessments
  • Phase II and III Excavations and Mitigation
  • Monitoring, Emergency Monitoring, and Mitigation for both archaeology and paleontology
  • Construction Worker Environmental Awareness Program (WEAP)



  • Literature Reviews, Records Search, and Archival Research
  • Paleontological Survey and Assessment
  • Fossil Excavations
  • Monitoring, Emergency Monitoring, and Mitigation
  • Matrix Sampling (Soil)
  • Salvage (Fossil Recovery)
  • Laboratory Analysis and Fossil Identification (Rancho La Brean, Miocene, etc)
  • Fossil preparation for museum curation
  • TS/MND/EIR/EIS and other technical reports



  • Soil Descriptions, Lithology, and Mapping
  • Stratigraphic Columns


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        or  310-823-2850

Fax: 424-248-3417

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